Euroformula Open – Monza Preview: RP to glory hunting in Brianza

29 September 2016

RP Motorsport sounds the charge few hours before the hot phase of the week end in Monza, site of the antepenult seasonal round of Euroformula Open.

The team from Piacenza proposes at the top with the usual poker composed by Domenico Fioravanti, Antoni Ptak, Tanart Sathienthirakul and Kanthadee Kusiri, although it arrives on the Brianza circuit without Tatiana Calderon (protagonist at the Red Bull Ring but already engaged in GP3). So the fifth car will be entraste to the coming back Enaam Ahmed, divided as already known, between Euroformula Opena and British F3.

The ranking is clear: Fioravanti aims the absolute podium and only 24 points separate him to the coveted lead. Monza always evokes pleasant memories in RP home, last in chronological order is of the past season when the driver from Lazio won Race 1 and the Italian team did a triplet closing with the lead of the manufacturers and drivers’ overall ranking (with Vitor Baptista) in the day of the 18th birthday of the team from Piacenza.

Not to speak of other important moments of Fabio Pampado and Niki Rocca’s crew within the friendly walls of the series by GT Sport. Recent history has several examples about it, with the battles and the successes on the Brianza concrete by the various Bizzarri, Fumanelli, Stuvik, Janosz, Schirò, Raimondo and other top drivers who consacrated in this championship with RP Silver Arrows’ racket. So let’s golden times be of good omen for the big 2016 poker of RP. Good luck boys!



Free Practice 1: h. 12.35/01.12 p.m.

Free Practice 2: h. 04.50/05.27 p.m.


Qualify 1: ore 10.10/10.40 a.m.

Race 1: h. 03.30 p.m. – 16 laps – max 35 minutes


Qualify 2: h. 9.30/10.00 a.m.

Race 2: h. 01.15 p.m. – 16 laps – max 35 minutes

… Races will be LIVE on TV by FOX Sport …