RP Motorsport team is the result of a ten years experience in the motor sport world for Fabio Pampado and of the passion for motor sport of Francesco and Carlo Roscio. Since 1998 RP can boast several prestigious results, from titles wonin Formula Junior Monza, when the team was a brand new reality, to the relevant podiums in Formula Renault 2000 that made RP one of the best teams of the stock.

During those 10 years of activity there also have been participations in Formula Opel Lotus, Formula 3 and F3000 championships with Astromega team, they allowed RP to accumulate experience to transfer just in Formula Renault that, since 2000 (when the championship born) represented the referring class for the team. In this context  the team has evolved, growing and improving to become a consolidated reality of the Italian and European motor sport world, able to offer the young driver the necessary experience and competence to guide him to the most prestigious and hard classes of international motorsport.

From 2008 season RP has a new partner, Graziano Rocca, who, after years spent as collaborator, at all aspects today is a RP man. The family enlarges both in staff and also in the track engagements. The big news in 2008 was the participation in Spanish Formula 3 championship, with which RP brings up to five the number of cars racing on track: three in F. Renault 2.0 Italy and two in the Campeonato F3 de Espana.


2009 represents a further step of the team from Lecco that abandons the Formula Renault to launch itself body and soul in the prestigious Formula 3 with a double commitment in FIA championships: European F3 Open and Formula 3 Italy. Successes don’t come late here, too… At first with Stefano Bizzarri and Victor Garcia, then with David Fumanelli and Kevin Ceccon, they contribute to enrich the already crowded showcase of the factory from Lombardia. The Head Quarters moved and enlarged to a cutting-edge building in Gropparello, near Piacenza.

2011 represents another very busy season; in Italian Formula 3 RP sweats and wins battling by Daniel Mancinelli and Jess Krohn, while in the European Formula 3 Open continues to hold court with Fumanelli, Beretta, Davenia and Schirò. But the story goes on and the 2012 registers the entrance in Rally world! So RP is 360° widely engaged either in Formula 3, with as many as 4 cars in the European F3 Open, and in the very new and fascinating adventure in the IRCup Rally. The drivers? Gianmarco Raimondo (Canada), Niccolò Schirò (Italy), Trino Tojas (Venezuela) and Michela Cerruti (Italy) in the usual Formula 3; Marco Paccagnella and Marco Silva (with their respective co-drivers Beniamino Bianco and Gianni Pina) in Rally. Finally it is to be noticed the usual participation in the GT world with a Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 in AF Corse, relied upon the expert hands of a seedling grown in the RP nursery that is Stefano Bizzarri… At the end of the season RP Motorsports collects a big number of podiums and victories both in Rally and GT but mostly in the European F3 Open were the 2012 title of champion and vice-champion drivers arrive with the Canadian Gianmarco Raimondo and with Niccolò Schirò, from Milan, and, of course the crown as champion also in the team classification.

Also in 2013 RP Motorsport stands for victory! The team from Piacenza graduates champion in the team title of European Formula 3 Open, narrowly missing the en plein with the driver’s title that theThai rookie Sandy Stuvik lost for few points. Are also to be noticed the placements of the other team’s drivers, in the order 4th, 5th and 6th place overall.

2014 begins with a great change, that is the name of the prestigious Formula 3 series, re-named Euroformula Open instead of the previous European F3 Open. Who are he bearers in charge to defend the RP colours? The Polsh Artur Janosz, the Guatemalan Andrés Saravia, the Russian John Simonyan, the Italian Costantino Peroni and the ultra confirmed Sandy Stuvik and Saud Al Faisal, with the thai author, as the previous year, of a real triumphal ride this time ended in his favour, that is with the crown of champion of the series by GT Sport! RP pumps up the chest again in a definite and dominant way as two years ago, tank also to the place of honour conquered by the Polish Janosz, extraordinary craftsman of a season to be framed at his debut in the Euroformula Open. Applauses and congratulations also for the other two teammates: the Guatemalan Sarvea finished eighth in the overall standings, followed by Russian Simonyan in 11th absolute position.

Even in 2015 there was no story! The RP Motorsport domain has been confirmed with the conquest of both titles: Drivers and Team. The Absolute Drivers has been dominated by Brazilian Vitor Baptista, able to impose himself at his debut with extraordinary authority. Capable and smart his teammates (Saravia, Fioravanti, Ptak, Walilko, Kusiri) that deserve some racing weekend over the lines which have allowed to gain so many precious point useful to the final win in the overall ranking reserved to teams.

2016 is a year of transition, since after five consecutive years of success in the rankings for teams and drivers, Gropparello’s squadron this time leaves the glory to its competitors, preferring to raise new talents for the future. The absolute final of the championship sees all the six team drivers in top ten, with the Italian Fioravanti at 4th place, followed in order by Polish Ptak, Thai Sathienthirakul, British Aitken, Venezuelan Calderon and English of Arab origin Enaam Ahmed. In short, a 2016 where the podiums and satisfactions were certainly not missed, which put RP Motorsport in pole position for this 2017 willing to return immediately to win and redeem the past season. The burden and honor will be all in the hands of the new couple formed by 20-years-old Lodovico Laurini from Parma, 24-years-old Aleks Karkosik from Poland, and English 21-year-old Scott Harrison.


RP’s on track assistance to each car is guaranteed by two mechanics and 1 engineer that coordinates and supervises. Team’s staff is a very close-knit group and, in addition to being highly specialized, they have been working together for a long time. This allows to operate in complete harmony even in the worst moments, when time is short and a precision and quickness are the most requested qualities.

RP Motorsport’s structure is well  cared for and it is provided with all the most innovative technical and logistical equipment. Technicians work in a wide factory with single work stations for each car, a working department equipped with all the machine tools and a spare parts warehouse.


Because of the participation to many championships, the team has more than a vehicle for transportation. Two trucks are able to carry three cars and all it’s necessary to face a racing weekend, real mobile factories, set up with the best components available and designed to be comfortable and easily accessible; while two camions are dedicated to rally assistance and logistic. To complete the company fleet two light vehicles transport team’s staff.